Kurson Products

Only Kurson Kosher offers you the greatest variety
of delicatessen and dairy products with a quality
incomparable and strictly controlled.


Beef, chicken, veal, turkey and mutton cuts are carefully supervised and cold handled for the safety of your family.


40 types of bulk or packaged turkey, beef, and chicken deli meats add variety to your table.


Our cheeses range from the daily Oaxaca to a goat cheese with ash. What are you looking for? Provolone, manchego, panela, Camembert, sliced ​​yellow cheese? We have it in Kurson.


Our line includes powdered chicken consommé, sauces such as tahini, teriyaki, mole...


All our breads are baked in our branches to guarantee freshness and the best flavor.

Prepared food

Shabbat salads, sushi, kipes, chicken nuggets, tamales… your craving decides.