What is kosher?

The word kosher means appropriate, this is mainly used in foods that follow biblical and talmudic regulations of Jewish law.

Currently, kosher products are not limited to a religious market, but because they are the result of a strictly supervised production and have an exceptional control of raw materials and processes to be able to comply with certain rules, they have an unparalleled quality that appeals to all of those who care about having a healthier diet.


In order for meat to be kosher, it is necessary to comply with a process that begins with the animal's sacrifice, which has to be carried out by a rabbi specialized in the subject with special knives and in a specific way to avoid animal suffering. Afterwards, the rabbi verifies that the organs are in good condition since the law indicates that only healthy animals can be consumed. To finish the process it is necessary to salt the meat to flush out blood and help eliminate many toxins found in it.

The process for kosher chicken and turkey is similar to that of beef, since it is carried out with a special knife by means of a rabbi specialized in the subject. The animal's health is also verifiedas well as the salting process. For religious reasons, cold water is used to remove the feathers, as opposed to hot waterused in industrial processes which promotes the reproduction of bacteria in the meat.

Kurson Kosher, in addition to meeting these requirements, guarantees that its meats and meat-derived products are hormone-free, clembuterol-free and antibiotic-free. The animals are fed in open fields and are protected against insecticides that could put their health at risk. The birds are fed with natural grains, without hormones or antibiotics, and the slaughterhouses have TIFF certification.


The entire Kurson Kosher deli meats brand is made with 100% Kosher beef and turkey, without skin, waste, fat or additives. For a long time, and every day, we have worked on the formulation of our cold meats and sausages, achieving the products of delicious flavor and quality that you know today and find in our stores and supermarkets.

Cheese and dairy

For a cheese to be kosher, the whole manufacturing process, from the milking of the cows, has to be supervised by an accredited supervisor and it has to be produced with all kosher certified ingredients in a kosherized area.

We are certified kosher by international certifying agencies that are absolutely trusted by the Jewish community.

In addition to international kosher certifications,
we have TIF 517, HACCP, NSF and USDA certifications.